Specialized Mouldings supplies a range of Polyurethane products to a number of industries, these include:

Specialized Mouldings Couplings

Specialized Mouldings Gears-large

Wheels & Tyres

Specialized Mouldings Wheels and Tyres


Specialized Mouldings Seals

Couplings are subjected to heavy dynamic loads, so polyurethane is ideally suited to absorb vibrations, stresses and wear normally associated with the radial and axial movement of the coupled shafts.

Due to the high cost of cutting gears mechanically, polyurethane gears cast into an open mould are a popular choice.

The advantages polyurethane has over other materials include:

  1. Reduction in operational noise.
  2. Material may be formulated to fail when a specific load is exceeded, thereby acting as a weak link and saving costly damage to other components.

Polyurethane elastomers are widely used for the production of solid tyres and castor wheels. Tyres made from polyurethane are extremely tough and will withstand loads up to two and a half times greater than an equivalent solid rubber tyres.

Seals manufacture from polyurethane are ideally suited for pneumatic and hydraulic seals due to the following:

  1.  High resilience.
  2. Good abrasion resistance.
  3. High tensile strength.
  4. Excellent resistance to oil.